Temecula Valley Community Events: Scholarships

Our mission for Temecula Valley Community events is to promote small business entrepreneurship and commerce throughout the Temecula Valley. We will be doing this through a myriad of ways. The goal is either through our events or our donations from members inside the Temecula Valley area, to create scholarships to help young entrepreneurs start their business or get started in their career by attending a trade school.

Why We Are Passionate About This

For decades now, the traditional school system has been promoting college as the next step for high school students to attend. We believe that the alternative method of going into the trades industry or starting your own business is not presented as viable options within the school system. We wanted to be an outside resource that potential high school graduates can go to, to learn about the trades industry. With the donations from other local small business owners we will be providing scholarship opportunities where we can help them get started in their quest for a trade school or entrepreneurship.

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