What Is Temecula Valley Community Events?

We are a non-for-profit 501(c)6 charitable organization geared to promote small business prosperity throughout the Temecula Valley while also providing scholarships to individuals looking to join the trades industry & entrepreneurship.

How Did Temecula Valley Community Events Begin?

Our 501(c)6 non-profit organization started when a group of small business owners came together to promote commerce in the community during COVID-19. During this time it was imperative that small business owners came together to support each, other, promote each other and work together to stay in business. Networking through amazing organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce(s) or other networking opportunities became increasingly difficult during the COVID times, so we banded together to figure out a way that we could stay connected and promote each other throughout the valley. We then decided to create this organization to stay connected, work together, as well as promote commerce for others in the community and help our future generations build off of the foundations we are laying.

How Are You Going To Do This?

Great question! We will be providing events throughout the year in Temecula Valley where a portion of everything we do goes directly into scholarships for high school students looking for alternative options to grow after college. Many of the small business owners in the Temecula Valley promote going into the trades industry or starting a business, and we wanted to be an avenue where these students can get financial assistance on their quest to start a trade or start a business.

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